Outdoor activities

The rich and varied terrain of Parnassos offers unlimited possibilities for action, for young or for those who feel like children.

You can take your bike and run in the forest roads of Kallidromo and Parnassos mountains, starting from Kiriaki Hotel, choosing routes with varying distances and degrees of difficulty.

You can go on horseback riding, in an organized unit in the plain of Amfiklia, just 10 minutes drive from the Hotel and wander near the river and on the slopes of Kallidromo mountain.

You can visit or descend one of the most interesting caves in Central Greece. If you wish we will arrange a guide for you. These caves are the historic Korykion Andro, the mysterious Eptastomo, the beautiful and wondrous cave of Polydrosso, or that of Mariolata, etc., all within a distance of approximately 40 minutes drive from Kiriaki Hotel.

You can become even more adventurous and try, with experienced mountain guides who collaborate with us, to go down the rare and beautiful canyons of Asopos or that of Varsamos. (You will need basic equipment if you wish to try, so ask us!)

You can also fly with the instructors of Amfiklia’s Aeroclub when the weather permits it and enjoy the unique spectacle of Greece... from the air, with paragliding or kite!

If the rocks charm you, there is huge area for you both on Mount Parnassos but also the neighboring mountains: One of the most popular climbing areas in Greece, the slope of Giona is awaiting you, but you should know that many interesting paths have also been opened on Mount Parnassos, in recent years. For experienced climbers, there is no problem, but neither for the beginners. We can arrange for you to begin your contact with rock climbing by a certified instructor of the Greek Mountaineering Federation.

For the lucky ones, finally, at spring time, when the water level of Kifissos river is significantly high, you can arrange with us to make an interesting descent through beautiful lakes, canyons and small natural dams with a rafting boat or other inflatable means. (If you are kayakers we will try to inform you about the state of the river).

Anyway, you can take a plunge in the river from the shore and picnic or sunbathe by the riverbank! (Maximum 15 minutes by car or 35 minutes by bike!)