1st Route:
From the village of Amfiklia to the Monastery of Saint Jerusalem and back.
The climb takes 1h 30m and the descent 40m.

The trip literally starts from the door of the hotel and we are first directed towards the base of the canyon "Varsamo" right at the edge of the village. The marked pathway starts there and climbs steadily along the east side of the canyon, passing through thick pine and fir forest. We finally find ourselves at the base of a tall vertical rock, where a short ladder takes us to the Monastery, built inside a cave 20 meters above. This building is really an example of human persistence and strong will and is perfectly matched with the breathtaking view and surrounding wilderness. On the way back, we ‘ll take another path, to drink water from the holy spring of Saint Nicolas, located under a centuries old great walnut tree.

Alternative Routes:

Trekking from the village to the Monastery of Virgin Mary (40 minutes).

Strolling along the banks of river Kifissos, on an old stone layered path (1 to 3 hours as desired).

Trekking along the old railway lines of Lamia area, following the "path of the rail men", featuring great view to the valley below and highlighted by the, now abandoned, traditional stone built railway stations (3 hours).