Strolling in Amfiklia

Amfiklia is a big, peaceful and historic village. Walking through its streets, you will find extremely charming corners and you will learn a lot about the history of the place!

We recommend:

Coming out of Hotel Kiriaki, walk down left and to the first crossroad, you will see the "Dancers’ fountain", built in the period of the Ottoman rule. The sycamore tree, opposite the fountain, is as old as this fountain and higher up, the house of the Pasha still exists. From this house, Pasha observed the dances beneath the sycamore, but also watched the battles taking place down the plain!

Continue straight ahead and admire at your left, the central church of Amfiklia, with the stone medieval chapel and the impressive stone belfry. Going straight, pass in front of the beautiful Xidi’s fountain and reach the western edge of the village: in the distance, through the olive groves and the top of the cemetery, is the ancient citadel of Amfiklia, the castle. In the small stream, left, the ruins of the unique oracle of God Dionyssos in ancient Greece were found.

Then, walk down among the stone houses and get off at the central village square: There, you will find the Museum of Bread and Agricultural Professions, with full representation of the local rural society , and also samples of all kinds of the traditional bakery!

In the central square, you can taste tsipouro with "meze", below the perennial sycamore and then start your walk towards Alonaki at the eastern edge of Amfiklia. The old threshing floor is now a playground and by its side, descending from the summit of Parnassus, you can enter the spectacular gorge of Varsamos. Pass over the small bridge and walk a few meters towards the mountain to admire the dark red rocky slopes and fir woods that run through them and breathe the mountain breeze!

On your way back, enter the old main street of the village. Here, the well-preserved mansions, are still ornated by their artistic iron railings, their famous vaulted gates decorated with ivy and their windows with the shutters inside. You will also see the preserved wooden inscriptions of old shops in the ground floor and huge wooden doors with their crossbars.

On your left the white painted mansion where, under the basement, there was the "secret school" of the village during the Otoman occupation, but even more impressive, at your right, the Sklavounos' mansion, a four storey neoclassical house with painted ceilings and an ornated wooden staircase running to the floors.

This road will lead you to the "upper" square of Amfiklia, which is quiet and cool. Beneath the huge chestnut and lime leaves, enjoy a coffee or your lunch. You are 5 minutes away walking from Kiriaki Hotel, so you can stay there as long as you want!